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Huge Tonga underwater volcano eruption captured in stunning satellite video

A powerful underwater volcano eruption in Tonga on Saturday (Jan. 15) was captured as it happened in stunning satellite images.

logo.png  By WG  Jan 17, 2022

New study provides first evidence of non-random mutations in DNA

A new study into genetic mutations in thale cress has found that genetic mutations are not totally random.

logo.png  By WG  Jan 16, 2022

Weird sand 'chess pieces' dot Lake Michigan shore. Here's how they formed.

Here's the science behind the bizarre sand pillars that formed on the shores of Lake Michigan.

logo.png  By WG  Jan 16, 2022

Why is the world map you know wrong?

Here's why flat world maps always have distortions.

logo.png  By WG  Jan 16, 2022