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Medieval man buried in Poland had two kinds of dwarfism

Archaeologists in Poland excavating a cemetery by a monastery have discovered the remains of a medieval man who had two different forms of dwarfism.

logo.png  By WG  Dec 6, 2022

Save over $300 on powerful student laptops with this Black Friday HP laptop deal

HP's student-focused laptops are reduced by as much as $320 in Best Buy’s Black Friday HP deals.

logo.png  By WG  Dec 6, 2022

Which is the largest continent? The smallest?

Pangaea was one of the largest continents in world history, but now it's broken up. So which continent today is the largest, and which is the smallest?

logo.png  By WG  Dec 5, 2022

Who owns the moon?

Does anyone have sovereignty over the moon? And can anyone buy it?

logo.png  By WG  Dec 4, 2022