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Humanity faces 'grave and mounting threat' of climate change — unless we act, IPCC report reveals

Humans are reeling under climate disruption, and there's worse to come, scientists warn in the latest UN climate assessment.

logo.png  By WG  Feb 28, 2022

Liver: Function, failure & disease

Here’s everything you need to know about the liver, from its function and location in the body, to diseases that affect the organ.

logo.png  By WG  Feb 28, 2022

Why do cats love boxes so much?

It's an instinctual behavior for cats to seek out confined spaces, such as boxes, bags and baskets — Live Science explains why.

logo.png  By WG  Feb 28, 2022

What is an amoeba?

The term “amoeba” refers to simple eukaryotic organisms that move in a characteristic crawling fashion.

logo.png  By WG  Feb 27, 2022