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Should we kill every mosquito on Earth?

Not every mosquito species carries viruses that are deadly to humans, so should we kill all or just some mosquitoes?

logo.png  By WG  Feb 27, 2022

Largest shock wave in the universe is '60 times larger than the Milky Way,' new study finds

Astronomers captured detailed images of the largest shock wave in the known universe, emitting from the merging galaxy cluster Abell 3667

logo.png  By WG  Feb 27, 2022

First-ever scan of a dying human brain reveals life may actually 'flash before your eyes'

A new case report of a man dying from a sudden heart attack while having an electroencephalogram has given scientists the first scan of a dying human brain.

logo.png  By WG  Feb 27, 2022

New Russia sanctions won't imperil ISS operations, NASA says

The International Space Station program will continue business as usual, NASA assures us as the U.S. government levies new sanctions against Russia.

logo.png  By WG  Feb 26, 2022