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Darkness caused by dino-killing asteroid snuffed out life on Earth in 9 months

After an asteroid struck at the end of the Cretaceous period, debris from wildfires filled the atmosphere and blocked sunlight across Earth, causing ecosystem collapse and extinctions.

logo.png  By WG  Dec 23, 2021

Flecks of silver in poop of ancient Cambrian creature baffle scientists

Researchers have discovered specks of silver in 500 million-year-old fossilized worm dung; the precious metal likely came from "mining" microbes.

logo.png  By WG  Dec 23, 2021

Woolly mammoths survived on mainland North America until 5,000 years ago, DNA reveals

Ancient DNA reveals that woolly mammoths coexisted with humans in North America for 5,000 years longer than previously believed.

logo.png  By WG  Dec 23, 2021

Frozen tardigrade becomes first 'quantum entangled' animal in history, researchers claim

A new pre-print study claims to have quantum entangled a tardigrade with two superconductor qubits, though experts are skeptical.

logo.png  By WG  Dec 22, 2021