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Ancient superpredator that lived 328 million years ago was 'the T. rex of its time'

Fangy Whatcheeria measured up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) long, and more than 300 million years ago, it was the apex predator in the sinkholes-turned-lakes of the American Midwest.

logo.png  By WG  Dec 1, 2022

Solar storm from 'canyon-like' hole in the sun could hit Earth as soon as Thursday (Dec. 1)

The hole could beam solar material outwards at speeds up to 1.8 million mph (2.9 million km/h)

logo.png  By WG  Nov 30, 2022

Fitbit vs Apple Watch: Which fitness tracker is better?

It’s time to settle the Fitbit vs Apple Watch debate.

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This Cyber Monday deal gets you two adjustable dumbbells for less than the original cost of one

If you’re quick, you can get a massive 61% off a BUXANO Adjustable Dumbbell with this Cyber Monday deal.

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