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What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is a form of energy that includes radio waves, microwaves, X-rays and gamma rays, as well as visible light.

logo.png  By WG  Mar 23, 2022

Laser surgery: Cosmetic and life-saving procedures

Laser surgery harnesses cutting-edge technology to provide cosmetic, sight-saving and life-saving procedures.

logo.png  By WG  Mar 23, 2022

Scientists make yeast-free pizza dough that rises like the real thing

Their goal was to make tasty dough without a chemical agent.

logo.png  By WG  Mar 23, 2022

At-home COVID-19 tests linked to accidental injuries, FDA warns

The agency also reminded people to keep the tests out of reach of children and pets.

logo.png  By WG  Mar 22, 2022