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'Oumuamua isn't an alien spaceship — it's a rock that's farting hydrogen, new study suggests

The release of hydrogen from within 'Oumuamua may explain some of the interstellar object's strange behavior.

logo.png  By WG  Mar 23, 2023

'Ghostly' neutrinos spotted inside the world's largest particle accelerator for the first time

Signatures of neutrinos, or ghostly particles that rarely interact with others, were tentatively spotted in the Large Hadron Collider in 2021. Now, physicists have confirmed they are real.

logo.png  By WG  Mar 23, 2023

New invasive mosquitoes descend on Florida, raising concerns of disease

A species of mosquito from Central and South America has spread to South Florida.

logo.png  By WG  Mar 23, 2023

Alien mothership lurking in our solar system could be watching us with tiny probes, Pentagon official suggests

A draft paper by a Harvard scientist and the head of the Pentagon’s UFO office has raised the idea an alien mothership could be in the solar system, sending out tiny probes dubbed "dandelion seeds" to explore the planets with

logo.png  By WG  Mar 23, 2023